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Photoshop Elements Tutorials

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photoshop elements tutorials

How does something like this happen?
How often have you found awesome tutorials that you couldn’t use because you “only have Elements.” Photoshop Elements is a great program and any savvy graphic maker can do just about anything with it that can be done with its more expensive counterparts. We are a tutorial community designed specifically for all versions of Photoshop Elements. Tutorials for icons, wallpapers and general ‘how tos” are all accepted.

Please follow the rules or your post will be quietly removed.

Got a question?
Great! That's what we're here for. But before you post, do us a favor and go through the site, check tags, memories, etc. to make sure someone hasn't already answered your question before. As long as you gave it a good shot, go ahead and post. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are trying to get an effect from a certain graphic, it doesn't hurt to just ask the person who made it. Many of them will be flattered and happy to show you how they did it. When you do post, be as specific as possible and feel free to post examples. Just post the images under a cut. I think it goes without saying not to hotlink when doing this.

When posting a tutorial:
For any tutorials larger than an icon, stick all images under the cut or in a link back to the tutorial at your journal. Don't forget to include which version of PSE you're using and a short description before the cut.

Stick to the topic at hand.
Tutorials and questions about Elements are the only acceptable posts. This isn't the place to chat or advertise your community. If you simply have to do it, stick it behind the cut in a genuine tutorial.

Just who are you people anyway?
Co-mods are prettybutt never_frugal two_five

Did you come alone?
Never. Layout CSS is by faceon as per usual. Show her love.

Nice shoes, wanna make out?
Why yes. Yes we do. Comment here to become an affiliate.

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